Atmospheric performances against stability 
Introduced at TEDxLeon 2014

Team: Víctor Cano Ciborro, José de Andrés y Ana Sabugo with Rafael Beneytez
Site: Council Room ETSAM. Madrid. 

The project "your cloudmachines" proposes a collective and daily awareness of the air that we co-breathe. Cultivating atmospheres is not so much a problem of the others, of the great institutions, as of our daily participation. The atmosphere is one of the great themes of upcoming architecture. There is no architecture without atmosphere: the atmosphere is not just a scientific term but the content of whatever spatiality we inhabit. The atmosphere is embracing ourselves.

YCM ("your cloudmachines") is a critique of the excess of stable forms, and a radical way of understanding the architectural from sensitive dimensions.
YCM questions the ‘apparent’ stability of the space when the atmosphere is not taken into account. A cloud has the meaningful power of destabilizing historical, institutional or gravitational space.

>TEDx Leon 2014 Cloud
Speaker: Rafael Beneytez
Performance team: Rafael Beneytez. Víctor Cano Ciborro, José de Andrés, Ana Sabugo, Ophelia Mantz
Site: Auditorium León 
Volume: 13246m3

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