From Banham to Smithson

Performer: Víctor Cano Ciborro
Photographer: José Javier Cullen
Site: Uyuni Salt Beds. Bolivia
Year: 2017

I try to think of days when I have been out in the “hard” Mojave away from the Interstate and many dusty miles from any blacktopped roads – and have seen nobody at all. I am not talking about inanimate signs of former human presence; I am talking about human beings alive and moving about in the landscape. And I can recall no such day”.
“Scenes in America Deserta”
Reyner Banham

"Space" is permuted into a multiplicity of directions. One becomes conscious of space attenuated in the form of elusive flat planes. The space is both crystalline and collapsible.
“A Short Description of Two Mirrored Crystal Structures”
Robert Smithson

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