Designed by -Arquitectura Subalterna-
Supported by -Kosovo Architecture Foundation- and -Future Architecture-
Built during ‘Techno Rebel Bodies’ International Workshop.
Directed by -Victor Cano Ciborro, José Javier Cullen, José de Andrés, Ana Sabugo-

Techno Rebel Bodies Workshop - KosovoArchitecture.com
Kosovo Architecture Participants - Futurearchitecture.com

'Techno Rebel Construction' is a sensitive installation formed by a self-supporting timber structure that conforms a triangular piece synonymous with dematerialization and lightness. Dematerialization founded in the corners, where the entrances are situated and the structure loses weight in an attempt to fight against the gravity under the statement: ‘Bodies first’. And lightness because of the semi-transparent and ultra-thin skin that wraps the installation. A skin sensitive to any kind of atmospheric or human stimuli: the construction is able to feel.

'Techno Rebel Construction', although stable, looks fragile and ready for taking off at any time. If throughout the day shadows and vibrations are the main effects due to sun and wind, at night the installation turns into an opaque shape that is activated through potent and energetic artificial stimuli such as sounds, projections, colours, brightness, overlaps or sparkles. These actions create a specific spatiality related to Techno Parties, an identity symbol of the Kosovan culture full of amazing, contemporary and own aesthetics whose understanding is as pertinent as fundamental to foster a real and powerful identity for the future of Kosovo Architecture.


Kosovo Architecture Festival is organized by the Kosovo Architecture Foundation in partnership with the Future Architecture Platform. KAF is an annual event and its main objective is to present to the local architecture community and the general public the contemporary global theories and methodologies in the field of architecture and urban planning.Kosovo Architecture Festival is the largest event of its kind in Kosovo with more than 40 individual activities in numerous cities in the country. This year the event will be held from the 3rd of July till the 3rd of October in Prishtina, Gjakova, Peja, Prizren, Mitrovica and Ferizaj.

"Back to the Future"
The fifth edition of PAW, KAF17 will under the theme "Back to the Future" focus on problems such as re-destination and utilization of heritage buildings, public spaces and inclusion of communities in decision making in order to enhance economic and social development. KAF will, as in previous years, continue with events such as lectures, debates, exhibitions, open studios & open houses, screenings and numerous workshops led by prominent artists and architects from all over Europe and U.S.

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