From Big London to B London
AA London. Architectural Association School of Architecture

Performance Idea:   Rafael Beneytez, Víctor Cano Ciborro
Performers:   Jose Antonio García-Márquez, Yuto Handa, Zilu He, Kim Yeon Ho, Aarushi Jain, Hotaru Kawaguchi, Yuka Minatizaki, Akiko Ono, Gustavo Silva, Ko Tsruta, Shijin Zhang.
Photography and video:   Rocío Romero
Site:   Elephant and Castle. London
Year:   2015

“That is the complete SPACE OF THE PERFORMANCE, with the movements, the thoughts, the received instructions of the actors, as well as the social and physical context in which they performed
Bernard Tschumi. Architecture and Disjunction

Apprehending the aesthetics and identities of a community implies an immersion - beyond the surface, topics, and clichés - of our sensitive bodies in such spatial context.

In this way, and through dance, we try to problematize and make visible the different characteristics of Elephant and Castle’s district in London – widely known famous for its Latin immigration. The action of "dancing" implies a myriad of rhythms, movements, expressions, or gazes accompanied by a particular dressing. Dancing is an own cultural element base on an aesthetic of gestures. These bodily gestures are as strange as suggestive for the participants far from the Latin American context.

It is about understanding the space from the performance, which implies approaching a multiplicity of dimensions that are not always visible, and that make up a cosmos of actions that articulates a space that goes beyond the objects, to be defined according to grades of intensity. Intensities reflected by bodies in motion.

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