Learning from topology
Montessori School and Arts Citadel 
AWARDED & EXHIBITED at Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism

Research: Víctor Cano Ciborro
Darío Gazapo & Concha Lapayese
Year: 2012
Special thanks to: José Javier Cullen, Carlos Rubio, Fernando Herrera, Marisa Muñoz, Carlos Talavera, Lucía Jalón, Elena Agudo, Miriam Otero, Covadonga Blasco. 

Awarded by XII BEAU. Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism   www

In 1989 the French author Georges Perec publishes his work ‘The infraordinary’ where is analyzed the everyday reality from sensitive dimensions. The infraordinary poetics consists of interrogating the everyday and considering how to be able to say / write the object and the event that we use every day so as not to ignore it, in this way, Perec aim to avoid being anesthetized before what surrounds us.

The project is managed between two extreme scales: Territory & Body. Territorially, the implantation responds to the creation of a vacuum - analogous to the adjacent pier - that instead of opening to the water and collecting the boats, it will be opened to the city for the arrival of other bodies -the child. The landscape through its section acquires vital importance. Because of the flatness of the Dutch territory, the creation of a topography within the enclosure is proposed. ‘Topo-logy’ as knowledge through the territory. Child can associate the experience with the knowledge through thanks to live/feel such topographic space. We are looking for what the Z-axis can teach us. Playgrounds are not the only places of opportunity for the children, but any element that rises in a certain way from the ground, has to offer the possibility of interacting with him. And the endless vibration of the water.

The program is also arranged between two extremes: Elderly people & Children. School and Citadel of the arts. Because of the mix of different bodies making developing different actions along the project, create a unique atmosphere of teaching, relationships and possibility. This project wants to be Something like the Borges’ Aleph, a space where almost everything could happen.

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